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Mauritius Company Services

OCRA Mauritius are experts in the formation and administration of Mauritius Global Business Licence (GBC) and Authorised Company (AC) as well as offshore companies in other key jurisdictions such as the Seychelles and Ras Al Khaimah. We also regularly set up United States LLC companies on behalf of our clients.

Mauritius Authorised Companies (AC) are tax exempt, flexible business entities that are regularly utilised for international investment holding, international property holding, international trade and international management and consultancy.

Mauritius Global Business Licence (GBC) Companies are resident in Mauritius and consequently subject to tax. However, they benefit from a partial tax exemption where foreign dividend income, foreign interest income are taxed at 3%. Correctly structured and managed Mauritius Global Business Licence (GBC) companies may access Mauritius’ network of over 40 double tax avoidance treaties. Neither capital gains nor withholding taxes are levied. Consequently, Mauritius GBC companies are used by tax practitioners and businesses to structure investments into Mauritius’ treaty partners, which include South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Kenya, India and many more.

Our Mauritius company formation services include:

  • Incorporation of Mauritius Companies including Global Business Licence (GBC) and Authorised companies (AC).
  • Registered Office Address services
  • Professional Directors and Nominee Shareholders
  • Company Secretarial services
  • Company administration services
  • Assistance in the day-to-day management of the company
  • A turnkey administrative service for client companies
  • Advisory services around Mauritius taxation
  • Assistance with the opening and operation of bank accounts in Mauritius
  • Trading and letter of credit services
  • Accounting, financial reporting and consolidation
  • The preparation of management and statutory accounts
  • Arranging audits
  • Arranging for the provision of legal and taxation advice and opinions

For more information about Mauritius GBC and AC companies refer to the quick guide below, or contact us directly to find out how we can assist you.

A guide to the use and benefits of Mauritius Global Business Licence Companies (GBC) and Authorised Companies (AC)

Mauritius has a useful and expanding network of double taxation treaties. The first International Financial Services Centre within the Indian Ocean Rim, it offers a combination of a low tax environment and a series of advantageous double taxation agreements.

These companies benefit from an advantageous tax regime and correctly structured, managed and administered companies may access Mauritius’ extensive double tax treaty network.

Mauritius AC Companies – companies holding the Authorised Company status – Such companies are flexible, cost-effective, tax exempt “offshore” business entities that cannot make use of Mauritius’ extensive tax treaty network.

Mauritius GBC Companies – such companies are tax resident, subject to 15% income but with an automatic partial tax exemption on foreign dividend income and foreign interest income making the effective rate 3% and if they are correctly structured and managed may access Mauritius’ tax treaty network. Neither capital gains nor withholding taxes are levied.

Click here for further information about Mauritius and the Mauritius GBC and Mauritius AC company.

The Professional Service Company

Mauritius Authorised companies (AC) are used for these types of companies designed mainly for expatriates providing professional services or consultancy services. Read More

Trade Finance and Documentary Credits

Mauritius AC companies are used mainly by people engaged in import and export trading activities. Read More

Property Holding Company

Mauritius GBC and AC companies are used for asset management and property holding. These properties can be immoveable ones such as a house, apartment, yacht, ship etc and moveable ones such as shares, bonds, rights, etc. Read More

Ship Registration Services in Mauritius

Owning a vessel through a Mauritius GBC company and its registration in Mauritius has many advantages. OCRA Mauritius, as a pioneer in this market, has unique expertise in the facilitation of the registration of ships in Mauritius. Read More

Ship Management

Mauritius GBC Companies can be used for tax efficient Ship Management engaged in various activities such as fishing, transport, etc. particularly for those who want to fish in the Indian Ocean, keeping the registry in a jurisdiction near to that of their catches. Read More

Tax Planning Vehicle

Mauritius GBC Companies are used for tax planning and structuring, offering to minimize the overall effective taxation. The company pays a low rate of tax (1.5 to 3%) on its profits and situated in a jurisdiction where there are no withholding tax and no capital gains tax. By using the double tax avoidance treaties, it minimizes the overall taxation. Each solution needs to be structured according to the country where business is to be conducted, as well as the resident state of the beneficial owners. Read More

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